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Brief Facts and Circumstances of Matt’s Case That You Won’t Read on Jew-Run Wikipedia or in the Jew’sMedia


Matt Lawsuit against Analyst Collis, the BOP and the Counterterrorism Unit in Washington, DC. – July 31, 2021

Copy of Matt’s Letter Given to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Staff Regarding Their Plan to Have Matt Transferred to Another Prison – July 12, 2020

Matt’s Notice of Non-Receipt of Defendants’ Response to Matt’s Motion to Alter or Amend Judgement (Doc 104) – June 1, 2020

The Court’s Response to Matt’s Motion to Alter or Amend the Judgment to Dismiss the Civil Rights Suit (Doc 103) – May 5, 2020

Matt’s Great Letter to Catherine Shea of the Attorney Regulation Counsel Criticizing her for her Inaction on the Blatant Violation of Matt’s First Amendment Rights by BOP Attorney James Wiencek – April 7, 2020

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Help Matt Have His First Amendment Rights Upheld By Opposing The Illegal Campaign To Prevent The Release of Chapters of Matt’s Third Book

Brief Overview of The Illegal Acts Meant To Silence Matt’s Voice

Letters To Send To Alert The Authorities To The Violation Of Matt’s First Amendment Rights:

Letter To the United States Supreme Court

Letter To The Office of the Inspector General

Letter To The Director of the Bureau of Prisons Kathleen Hawk Sawyer

Letter To The Office Of Professional Responsibility

Letter To The Federal Bureau Of Prisons’ Office of Internal Affairs

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UPDATED:  July 18, 2021

UPDATED! Write Letters To Help In The Effort To Get Matt Freed

UPDATED August 14, 2020

Below is a new letter to send to President Trump, the Pardon Attorney Rosalind Sargent-Burns and the Attorney General William Barr.  You may use the below form letters or write your own letter, as you prefer.   Write “For President Trump Only” and “Petition Clemecy” on the envelope to the President.  Matt has been in mostly maximum security solitary confinement prison for over 16 years for crimes that he did not commit and was unconstitutionally not allowed a defense against the government’s case.  If you have not sent in letters before, now is the time to do so, as Matt is enduring a situation far worse than Trumps wrongly accused colleague Rodger Stone.

Form Letter for President Donald Trump

Form Letter for Attorney General William Barr

Form Letter for Pardon Attorney Rosalind Sargent-Burns

Help Fund Matt’s Fight For Freedom And Help Him Eat Better To Stay Strong In The Fight!

Friends and Supporters: Send me a $25.00 donation and I will order Matt’s “Ending White Slavery” and “The Racial Loyalist Manifesto” from the printer and sent directly to you. Also, I still have many Klassen books. For a $35.00 donation, I will send you three “sought after” Klassen books:
All Ben Klassen books are the original print and new!
The White Man’s Bible 
Nature’s Eternal Religion 
On the Brink of a Racial Bloody War 
Against The Evil Tide 
Building A Whiter Brighter World 
Expanding Creativity 
Little White Book (slight water damage on covers) (only 4 copies)
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Ms. Evelyn Hutcheson
150 Yordy Road Unit#301
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Please specify your selection and please make sure you have your address and your email address enclosed with your donation. Cash, check or money order!

Alternatively, funds may be deposited directly into Matt’s account by following the instructions HERE and using inmate register number “15177424HALE.”
Thank you for your support for Matt!
Ms. Hutcheson, Mother of Matt

Write To Matt

Matthew F. Hale #15177-424
PO BOX 1000
MARION, IL 62959

Mail Tips:

  • White envelopes only
  • stamped or hand-written  addresses only “to and from” (i.e. no address stickers).
  • No sticky tape of any kind.
  • When sending Matt cards, they must be white envelopes, just photo copy the card and send the copy, Matt said if they copy the card, it will only be in black and white. If you copy the card, it can be in color. Of course, stamped or hand-written addresses on the envelope.
  • No words in letters like Creativity, Creator, no racist rant or talk
  • No threat of any violence suggested or implied
  • Cannot contain anything about racial occurrences happening out here, rallies, etc..
  • Don’t address Matt with the title “Reverend.”   “Brother Hale” or just “Matt” seems to get through for now.


Friends and Supporters: Matt has been waiting for the summons to be delivered on his complaint. He has now sent the District Court in DC a letter asking why the  summons have not been delivered. It has been 62 days since the complaint was filed. He sent another quote. Ms. H

“If I am asked why I have done what I have done in my life, my answer is actually very simple. I love my White Race.”                         

-Matthew F. Hale


Friends and Supporters: Matt has sent new quotes and said that he has finished his fourth book. The prison is still holding his 3rd book and refusing to send it out of there. He sure doesn’t believe in giving his brain a rest!! Ms. H                                                                                                                                                                                                     “What the equality maniacs do not understand is that inequality of life is EVERYWHERE, that it is, in fact, universal.  Therefore, it cannot honestly be said that ANY race is the equal of another, or even that any individual is the equal of another individual.  Rather, there is better and worse in everything and thank goodness that is so or we would have a very dull world indeed.”  
       -Matthew F. Hale

“One of the problems we face is that our people erroneously think that so-called ‘democracy’ and FREEDOM are the same thing when the fact of the matter is that so-called ‘democracy’ can be the most tyrannical form of government of all.”

       -Matthew F. Hale


Friends and Supporters: I spoke with Matt this morning. He said that 2 pieces of mail arrived there for him and he will not be allowed to receive them. When you write to Matt, you must have your full name and your full address on the envelope return space. It was different at Florence Admax.  I have a feeling that the 2 pieces of mail are birthday cards that Matt won’t receive. I am sorry!!

Ms. H

Quote From Matthew F. Hale, ‘Declaration of Independence’ Rights

Friends and supporters: Matt writes about the rights of White men and no other! Ms. H

“The decay and dissolution of our culture and civilization we see going on today is a result of the Big Lie that the founding ideals of the United States of America ever had a damned thing to do with the colored people of the world at all.  In point of fact, the Declaration of Independence was about the rights of WHITE men and no other.”

-Matthew F. Hale

Easiest, Fastest Way to Ask President Biden to Commute Matthew F. Hale’s Excessive Sentence

Friends and Supporters: This is the fastest way to contact President Biden!! Ask President Biden to commute Matt’s sentence, Petition # C273312.  I am asking you to send a message once per week. Matt has suffered for over 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Be sure to include the Petition # C273312. If we don’t get Matt home, he has another 16 years to suffer! Please care about Matt and do your part! Bless you! Ms. H

  Click on the link below