UPDATED! Write Letters To Help In The Effort To Get Matt Freed

UPDATED November 24, 2018

Below is a new letter to send to President Trump, the Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers and the new Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.  You may use the below form letters or write your own letter, as you prefer.   Please include a copy of the below article along with your letter to the President.  Write “For President Trump Only” and “Petition Clemecy” on the envelope to the President.  Matt has been in mostly maximum security solitary confinement prison for 16 years for crimes that he did not commit and was not allowed a defense against the government’s case.

Form Letter For President Trump-Turkey Pardon

Include This Article With Your Letter To President Trump

Form Letter To The Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers

Form Letter To Attorney General Matthew Whitaker


Help Fund Matt’s Fight For Freedom And Help Him Eat Better To Stay Strong In The Fight!

Send funds either directly to Matt electronically or mail your donations to Matt’s mother, Evelyn Hutcheson.

Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave #25H
Washington, IL 61571

In order for Matt to eat well to stay strong, he depends on foods purchased from the prison commissary.  See the Admax Commissary Price List.

Donate $25 Or More To Matthew F. Hale’s Mother And Receive A Free Book From www.third-reich-books.com!

Matt Invites You To Listen To A Truly White Cultural Art Form: Classical Music

In a letter I received today from Matt he asked that I invite all of his supporters to listen to his favorite Classical music.  In particular, he wanted to share:

Antonin Dvorak’s Fourth Symphony In D Minor

Rachmaninoff’s First Symphony In D Minor

Also, you can listen to the Classical music radio station that he listens to in prison in Florence, Colorado, USA:

Colorado Springs Classical Music KCME 88.7 MHz FM radio

YourClassical.com, from American Public Media, is a collection of curated streams, unique programs and relevant features to promote calm and focus.

Links To Other Pro-White Sites

  • Freematthale.net – The original site dedicated to the pardon and release of political prisoner and former leader of the Creativity religion, Matthew F. Hale.  This is the sister site to this site with the goal that both sites will mirror all of the same documents related to the case so that the documents are always available in spite of one site being down.
  • Freematthale.com – Another site dedicated to the pardon and release of Matthew F. Hale.
  • Fundedjustice.com – A crowdfunding site dedicated to supporting the legal defense of prisoner Matthew F. Hale.  My understanding is that a 10% portion of these funds are collected as a fee by fundedjustice.com, hence I recommend that you send funds directly to Matthew F. Hale’s mother.
  • Solargeneral.org – A good site with a good collection of pro-White books.
  • Archive.org – The source for .pdf scans of the original, first printings of Ben Klassen’s books and audiobooks.
  • Historyreviewed.com – A great site for pro-White news and history.