UPDATED! Write Letters To Help In The Effort To Get Matt Freed

UPDATED August 23, 2018

In light of the exciting recent development of the pardon of the Oregon ranchers charged under anti-terror law, Matt being pardoned and released could easily also become a reality with your support.  Please download the following three updated letter templates, one to President Trump, one to the Attorney General of The United States Jeff Sessions,and one to the Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers, fill them out with your personal information, and send them to their respective addressees.  Matt, having served 15 years to this point, would already have completed the normal sentence for the charges for which he was wrongly convicted if it were not for the ridiculous, cruel and unusual use of sentencing guidelines used for terrorists to determine his sentence.  Please take the time to give this effort your support.  Latest version of the letters (August 22, 2018)  contain Matt’s final words to the government informant that were played at his criminal trial and demonstrate his desire to not break the law.

Updated Form Letter To President Donald J. Trump – August 22, 2018

Updated Form Letter To Attorney General Jeff Sessions – August 22, 2018

Updated Form Letter To Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers – August 22, 2018