Friends and Supporters: Matt sends you his selections for November and many quotes! Ms. H
November “2021” Book of the Month:  “Hitler’s Revolution” by Richard Tedor

November “2021” Music of the Month:  “Karelia Suite” by Jean Sibelius

November “2021” Movie of the Month:  “JFK” (1991)

Hope you enjoy!

  “Never forget:  the individual dies but the race least it SHOULD.”

                                              Matthew F. Hale  “The idea that ‘all men are created equal’ is kind of like the story of ‘The Emperor and His New Clothes.’  People say all men are created equal and that the Emperor is wearing some really fine clothes even though they know darn well that is untrue.”

                                               Matthew F. Hale  “Now is the time for all White Racial Loyalists who can to run for their local school boards where they can actually make a difference in what the White youth of this country are being taught.”

                                                Matthew F. Hale  “As far as I’m concerned, so-called ‘racial equality’ is disproven upon the mere sight of a Negro’s face.  Clearly a more primitive sort of man is at issue…even if we lie to the contrary about this to ourselves and others.”

                                                 Matthew F. Hale”Just so you know, the cloud of BOP censorship remains over my head as always.  I can only say SOME of what needs to be said, the rest being blocked by my captors.”

                                                   Matthew F. Hale