Friends and supporters: Matt is still waiting for the summons to be sent out on his lawsuit against analyst Collis. Apparently the District of Columbia Court is busy with criminal cases. Here is Matt’s latest quote.

Ms. H

“Always seek to JUSTIFY your life, each and every day.”

          -Matthew F. Hale

Quote From Matthew F. Hale, ‘Declaration of Independence’ Rights

Friends and supporters: Matt writes about the rights of White men and no other! Ms. H

“The decay and dissolution of our culture and civilization we see going on today is a result of the Big Lie that the founding ideals of the United States of America ever had a damned thing to do with the colored people of the world at all.  In point of fact, the Declaration of Independence was about the rights of WHITE men and no other.”

-Matthew F. Hale

Easiest, Fastest Way to Ask President Biden to Commute Matthew F. Hale’s Excessive Sentence

Friends and Supporters: This is the fastest way to contact President Biden!! Ask President Biden to commute Matt’s sentence, Petition # C273312.  I am asking you to send a message once per week. Matt has suffered for over 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Be sure to include the Petition # C273312. If we don’t get Matt home, he has another 16 years to suffer! Please care about Matt and do your part! Bless you! Ms. H

  Click on the link below

Matt Invites You To Listen To A Truly White Cultural Art Form: Classical Music

In a letter I received today from Matt he asked that I invite all of his supporters to listen to his favorite Classical music.  In particular, he wanted to share:

Antonin Dvorak’s Fourth Symphony In D Minor

Rachmaninoff’s First Symphony In D Minor

Also, you can listen to the Classical music radio station that he listens to in prison in Florence, Colorado, USA:

Colorado Springs Classical Music KCME 88.7 MHz FM radio, from American Public Media, is a collection of curated streams, unique programs and relevant features to promote calm and focus.