Help Matt Be Allowed To Have His Violin In His Cell

Friends and Supporters:  This is a very important letter that Matt has asked that each of you send to the warden.

The warden is talking about allowing musical instruments being allowed in there for the inmates. Matt needs for each of you to send a letter to the warden!!! We have been asking for Matt to be allowed his violin for over 16 years. Now is the time to really support Matt and send your letter to the warden.Here are the things you need to mention in your letter as dictated to me.
1. that Matt is a concert violinist who has played in several symphony orchestras professionally.
2. that Matt needs his violin in there so that when he is released—he will be able to reenter the workforce as a professional musician in a symphony orchestra someplace.
3. that Matt having his violin would be very therapeutic to his mental psychological well being, a concern which the BOP has likewise taken steps in recent years to address regarding its prisoners in general.

This warden has a particular interest in rehabilitation of the prisoners at ADX. NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND YOUR LETTER FOR MATT!  You must know what this would mean to Matt, to have his beloved violin .

Send your letter to:

Warden Andre Matevousian
U.S.P. —Max

5880 State Highway 67 South
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

Friends and supporters: I know I have asked you to send letters to help Matt. I am asking each of you to send a letter to the warden. We need to send as many letters as we can!! This is the right time to do it!! Please let me know that you have sent your letter! Thank you for your support for my son!! Ms. H